GSuite, as the name suggests, is Google’s suite of collaboration and communication products, which is bundled together into a neat and affordable package to become the hub for your business.

The offerings are very similar to the Microsoft products under its 365 banner – Docs for Word; Sheets for Excel; Slides for PowerPoint; and Drive for OneDrive. To name a few.

If you have a personal gmail account, then you should already be familiar with the likes of Google Drive, Gmail, and Docs to collaborate and communicate, so you may be wondering why how could this benefit my business?

We can give you 5 reasons.


1. A Suit of Apps That’s Smarter Than Ever

GSuite provides a complete tool-kit of integrated products that means you can spend less time managing software and more time managing your business.

You’ll find everything from Gmail to sheets, drive, docs, and even meet in GSuite. Instead of wasting time looking for a particular file, for example, GSuite’s storage will take cues from things you’ve been doing – be it emails or meetings – and offer up files it thinks you want.

The Calendar has also been upgraded so you can quickly find available slots in multiple people’s schedules to suggest meeting times.

You can even connect your domain name to Gmail so that you can manage your business emails using the same email platform that serves over 1 billion users worldwide.

These are just a handful of examples, but, GSuite leverages Google’s powerful search and artificial intelligence capability to save a great deal of time during the day and substantially cut down on frustration.


2. Cloud-Based Means 24/7 Access to Your Business

Google is synonymous with Online. The heart of what GSuite does is it offers cloud computing so that you can access your business whenever you need to.

This also means you can access GSuite from wherever you need to, like your phone. With the GSuite apps installed on your device, you can access your mail, calendar, and contacts from anywhere, anytime.

What’s more, by storing your important docs and presentations on Google Drive, you can pull them up on your device whenever you need them.

It’s a business in your pocket.


3. Collaborate with Staff and Clients

GSuite is ideal as a central point for managing just about everything, from business email accounts to apps, groups, and users, to managing your Admin portal.

It also makes document sharing with your team and clients easier. For example, if you want a client to complete a project template or a teammate to provide feedback on a proposal, it only takes a few clicks.


4. Amped Up Security

GSuite has overhauled its security and is now ISO 27001 certified, which is an international standard for security.

What’s more, you can use your Google business account to log into other apps, which means you need fewer passwords.

GSuite has amped up admin controls, too, allowing for improved data management. Admin can set up or revoke access on both desktop and mobile and add two-step verification.

The mobile device management function allows administrators the ability to manage devices that contain sensitive business data on them, even for those with a “bring your own device” policy.


5. Effortless Integration with Zapier

Zapier is a software integration tool that acts as the glue that binds your business software together.

By leveraging the power of Zapier, you can get more out of GSuite, expand your business potential, and develop and scale your software as your business flourishes.

For instance, your GSuite account can boost productivity with automated Zapier workflows that will send emails according to schedule, organize your files, share documents with your team, and more.

In fact, with Zapier, you can connect your GSuite to over 900 other applications, which provides exciting potential for how you can operate your business.


Is GSuite Worth the Cost?

If you already use Google’s apps, the transition to GSuite is quick and easy, and there are plenty of benefits to be had.

While some of GSuite’s features offer sheer convenience, others extend the usefulness of the product (in terms of storage, branded emails, and collaboration) and the top-notch security.

GSuite’s Basic offering starts at $5 per user per month and goes up to $10 per month per user for additional storage and features.

There’s no doubt Google is headed in the right direction as an authoritative choice for small businesses that want to make the move to the cloud. If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and organise your business, then we highly recommend running your small business on GSuite.