The Automately Story

Founded in 2016 by Ryan Speak, Automately was established to help small business owners save time and money running their business, and grow revenue by implementing smarter business systems.

Ryan’s background spans across the technology & business domains, having worked in various roles for a number of organisations, ranging from very small businesses of just 3 employees, to large enterprises with over 250,000 staff.

Ryan has also owned and operated a number of successful small businesses. From a multimedia and design agency in early 2000’s, to property management business operating since 2011.

Working across small and enterprise organisations, Ryan noticed a major difference in how they implement and use technology.

Enterprise organisations typically operate large scale, modular ERP solutions like SAP that do everything. Whereas small businesses typically use a collection of independent systems to run their business.

Ryan saw an opportunity to help small businesses design and implement smarter integrated technology solutions, by leveraging the power of automation.

From this idea, Automately was born.

By streamlining your processes and reducing admin, we help you fall in love with your business all over again.

Meet the Founder

Ryan Speak has over 17 years experience working in Information Technology, across a multitude of industries such as retail, banking and finance, professional services, real estate, and has worked for corporate giants including IBM, Woolworths Limited, and Macquarie Group to name a few.

In addition to his corporate enterprise experience, Ryan has owned and operated a number of successful small businesses.

Throughout the years, Ryan has developed a passion for designing and streamlining processes, and is specifically passionate about helping small businesses implement technology solutions that save time, reduce cost, and ultimately increase revenue.

Ryan holds an MBA from UNSW’s Australian Graduate School of Management, and is an accredited Lean Six Sigma process engineering and IT Service Management practitioner.