How to Score Lifetime Software Deals with AppSumo

Trying to find the right apps, courses and tools to scale your online business can be a time-consuming and expensive task. However, it need not be.

AppSumo is an online deals website which offers you weekly deals on tools for setting up and growing your online business. One of the main perks of AppSumo is that it allows you a lifetime access to tools and apps which usually follow a subscription model.

In other words, instead of paying monthly for an app, you will only pay a once-off fee of say $49 for it. A bargain, right? Especially given that some of those tools are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

So how exactly are those app designers making any money if their products are so heavily discounted? Well, similarly to the way some companies are “too big to fail” others are “too small to succeed.” For those unknown companies, gaining exposure is worth heavily discounting their products.

After all, AppSumo has an email list of over 750,000+ professionals in the tech and startup areas.

As you can probably imagine, small tech companies are more than willing to trade off their immediate financial reward for the extremely engaged audience that AppSumo offers. Especially given that those startup companies can gain anywhere between 400 to 5,000 new members. A pretty outrageous number, right?

In addition to exposure, designers are also getting reviews through AppSumo. Not to mention that this plentiful customer base could lead to designers gaining more exposure, which in turn leads to more (full-price) sales.

Speaking of deals, the bargains AppSumo feature on their websites changes on a weekly basis. To give you an idea of the apps you could be getting your hands on, here are some of the best deals that have previously been on offer through AppSumo:

1. Crystal. AI

Cost: $49 for lifetime access instead of $5,940

What is it? Crystal gets to the heart of any of your digital actions and interactions. It also turns that data into what business owners need most: actionable actions for a better marketing strategy. It doesn’t hurt that Crystal literally talks to you as well as give you written advice.

2. Mailshake

Cost: $39 for lifetime access instead of $108 per year

What is it? Mailshake is a simple solution to cold emails. With this useful tool, business owners can create lead, promote their content and more importantly, build lasting relationships.

3. Depositphoto

Cost: $49 for lifetime access instead of $10 a month

What is it? Looking for great stock photos for your website? Depositphoto is your one-stop shop for amazing quality content at affordable prices.

4. Wisestamp

Cost: $49 for lifetime access instead of $999

What is it? Wisestamp lets you easily create professional signatures at an affordable price. It will help business owners keep their branding consistent with beautiful & customisable signatures

All the tools available on AppSumo are in the range of $39-49 for lifetime access. Really, that’s a price worth paying for those trying to create or scale their business using the latest tools and software.

If you want more of those amazing deals, follow Automately on FB, Twitter and Instagram to get curated software deals as they land.

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