Want more time in your business to do what you love?

With myAssistant, you can have your own automated virtual assistant working 24×7 to help grow your business, while you focus on doing what you love.

I want this
  • Do you get potential customers contacting you in the middle of a shoot, or worse at 1am, who expect an answer immediately?

  • Have you ever missed a potential client because you weren’t able to respond to them quickly enough?

  • Do you get people asking the same questions, over and over?

  • Do you have a business Facebook page, but don’t have time to respond to every enquiry when they come in?

  • Maybe you have an automated reply set for your business Facebook Messenger that goes something like this:

I wasn’t giving Facebook Messenger the attention it needed, so it was never a real channel for new business for me. With my enquiry bot I now have peace of mind that clients are getting the information they need, when they need it.


helloBABY Photography

Facebook advertising has been great for my business, but it always resulted in extra work to follow up with potential clients. Now I have an automated solution that integrates perfectly with my Facebook Ads and has sent my conversion rate through the roof!


Speak Photography

What if you had your own virtual assistant who could respond to potential clients while you were shooting… or even sleeping?

There is a better solution – one that works around the clock to ensure your business is covered…

Introducing myAssistant

myAssistant is a chatbot solution that automates key parts of the conversation with your clients via Facebook Messenger.

myAssistant connects to your Facebook business page and website and is designed to:

  • Answer common repetitive questions to free you up to work on more important tasks
  • Provide potential clients with details of your products and services
  • Allow clients to buy or book online directly through Messenger
  • Set expectations around your response time

myAssistant has been specifically designed to help photographers win more business, by responding faster to clients with the information they need, when they need it.

It works 24×7 to help you convert enquiries into bookings. Prospective clients are able to get instant answers to common questions, and are invited to take action at the point they are highly engaged (they took to time to message your business after all).

Once you have myAssistant in place you can relax, and focus on delivering value to your clients.


Set your business apart from your competition.

Not sure what a chatbot is? Why not try out our demo version!

Just click the Messenger button below and our demo chatbot will take it from there.

How will it benefit me?

  • An automated virtual admin assistant, working 24×7 for your business

  • Handle an unlimited number of clients enquiries at once (great when running a promotional campaign)

  • Respond quickly to filter out time wasters from real business enquiries

  • Increased engagement between your business/brand and you clients

  • Clients are more likely to buy with you, because you were able to be more responsive that your competition

  • Communicate with clients on their terms, on the channel they prefer

  • Automated follow up to help convert enquiries into bookings

Thank you Ryan for creating a fantastic automated procedure for my business to answer enquiries. The ability of my clients and prospective clients to have their questions answered immediately is fantastic but they can also “speak to a human” which is great too.

You are fantastic and i can’t thank you enough.


LoJo Photography

Thank you Ryan for building such a fantastic tool. The feedback I’ve received from potential clients is they love receiving the information instantly.

During the implementation, you were so patient and accomodating. You made a number of changes and went above and beyond to ensure the solution met my needs 100%

I can’t recommend you highly enough, a true professional that knows their stuff!


Melanie Day Photography

Ryan, you are an absolute legend.

You’ve helped me set up my chat bot without any hassles, nothing was too much trouble. You’ve allowed me to have control through the whole process while building the bot.

After setting everything up, you let me flesh it out and allowed me to customise the bot to my needs. Giving me the freedom to do what needed to be done while holding my hand through the whole process. The bot now has Brand New Baby flavour, rather than a generic chat. You helped me fine tune all the glitches in the system, test run it. Helped me with linking up my facebook ads and website setup.

You have been amazing and I would have been absolutely lost without your help!


Brand New Baby

I don't get many enquiries via Facebook Messenger

Let’s flip that around for a minute. Wouldn’t it be great if you got loads of enquiries via Messenger? That would be a good problem to have!

With myAssistant you can include a live chat popup on your website to actually funnel enquiries into Messenger (works with most website builders, including WordPress, Squarespace, Fotomerchant, etc).

Couple this with the automated chat service to help people find the information they need quickly, and book when they are ready, that’s a handy combination to help grow your business without lifting a finger!

Won't people get confused if they are talking to a human or a bot?

This is an important topic when designing a chatbot. That’s why recommend letting people know upfront that they are communicating with a chatbot, but they can also talk to a human if need be.

myAssistant has this feature in the welcome message, plus it also includes a feature to talk to a human if required.

My clients won't want to talk to a robot

myAssistant is designed to give your prospective clients the information they want, when they want it – and who doesn’t want that?

But of course you will get some clients that just want to talk to someone now. The Bot allows this, with a friendly message to let them know that you aren’t always able to respond to their enquiry right away.

Why Facebook Messenger?

There are many reasons why we use Facebook Messenger, here are just a few:

  1. You can communicate with your contacts anywhere, anytime (not just when they are on your website)
  2. You can sell products directly through Messenger
  3. Facebook offers great capability from a developer standpoint, which means we can make your bot do more for your business and your clients

Facebook Messenger has some pretty impressive stats too.

  • over 1.3 billion people use Messenger
  • 11% of the world’s population use Facebook Messenger monthly
  • 8 billion messages are sent each month between users and businesses

In 2018 Facebook announced plans to combine the messaging capability across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. When this happens it will a game changer for conversational marketing.

Don’t get left behind!

Order myAssistant today and you can worry less about responding to clients, and focus more on what you love!

Our guarantee.

If myAssistant doesn’t help you respond faster, and get more leads, then let us know. If we can’t help, then we’ll gladly refund 100% of your investment.